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Grooming your best friend is an honor.

As a professional pet styling business, we pride ourselves in providing you with a high level of service for your loving pets. Whether you have dogs or cats, we are here to take care of them. We enjoy what we do, which combined with our experience makes us one of the best Pet Spas you could chose! Our stores are locally owned and operated. 

      Professi‚Äčonal & Experienced Pet Stylists

Locally owned and operated since 2010, Le Petite Pooch provides professional pet grooming for both dogs and cats. Our Market Locations have a wide selection of quality-natural pet foods, treats, all made in the US. Our Salons and Market products have the most competitive prices possible due to the fact that we have low overhead.

We specialize in using Natural and Organic Shampoos while caring for your pet. All Pet Foods and Treats are American-made , such as Biscuits, Treats, Rawhides, Chews, and even our Leashes and Collars. Whether you're searching for a new Pet Stylist for your pet or quality natural pet products visit one of our community stores and browse our selection today! We have two styles of store fronts. Our Pet Spa only locations offer Professional Pet Grooming, Bathing, and select treats. Our Pet Spa and Market Stores offer Professional Pet Grooming, Natural Foods, and a large selection of Treats, Chews, Supplies, and more!